Stop Losing Hair!

LLLT - Laser Hair Therapy is the proven solution for thinning hair. LLLT is safe and effective for men and women of any age.

It's never too soon to start laser therapy, and it's never been easier. Michigan Hair and Skin Center has options for every lifestyle, and every budget. Our 3 locations and convenient hours make it easy to fit LLLT into your busy schedule. If you travel often we even have LLLT devices to use at home or on the go.

Men and women of all ages suffer hair loss for many reasons. Hair loss is frustrating, embarassing and can be traumatic. If your are self concious about your thinning hair, turn to LLLT now, to stop losing and start regrowing your hair.

LLLT - Low Level Laser Therapy not only stops hair loss but can actually help you regrow your natural hair without drugs or surgical procedures. Learn about hair loss and women's hair loss and LLLT.

The Michigan Hair & Skin Center is the area leader in LLLT since 2007, and has successfully treated hundreds of clients. Clinical studies show 93% of LLLT clients show improvement, and 98% of our clients have experienced regrowth.

If hair loss is affecting your confidence and self esteem call us for a free evaluation. The free exam and consultation will determine if you are a candidate for affordable, effective LLLT. Call today to ...

Improve your look, and your outlook!